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Welcome back PartyHunter! If you are looking for a fun and exciting entertainment event happening near you, then you are in the right place. Here is a list of some upcoming events to get your party planning started. If you are looking for something to do today, then click today's event button below. If you would to review events you missed, share your own experience, or see what your fellow partyhunters said about the events they visited then click the recent events button.

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PartyHunters from all over the world have one thing in common and that is that they love to party, and they love to talk about parties. So if you are looking for some feedback or some advice or some company feel free to reach out a member. Are you a PartyHunter? Only registered members can engage with other members. If you are not yet a member sign up now by clicking the register button below. If you are a member you can log in now,by clicking the log in button below.

Find and Hire an Event Promoter in your area

Party Promoter are the engine behind the nightlife industry. It takes a lot are energy to produce nightly, weekly, or monthly events, but somehow these promoters make the job seem like it all fun and games. Don't let their friendly demeanor deceive you. Promoters & Party Planners are true professionals. Let them do the work they are good at while you simply enjoy the experience. Promoters are waiting to hear from you. Whether you are planning to attend one of their events or you would like to hire them for your event PartyHunter® can help you find the right promoter for you.

Find and Hire the perfect DJ for your next event.

The right DJ could make all the difference. When you hire a DJ you are trusting that person with a lot or responsibilities. A good DJ knows how to keep the crowd entertained and how to get your crowd to spend more on drinks and/or food. A good DJ can make or break an event. The decision to hire a DJ should be carefully considered. Whether you're hiring a headliner DJ, or hiring a dj to raise the energy or set the mood, the right DJ for your event is just a few clicks away. PartyHunter® has a list of qualified experienced dj waiting to be hired. Click the button below to start your search.

PartyHunter® for Business and Entrepreneurs

PartyHunter's mission is to ensure that ever business in the entertainment space has the support and resources it needs to survive and to thrive. Your business needs a reliable and experienced partner that is dedicated to your business. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a large corporate entity, PartyHunter® has the tools and the expertise to help you grow. Contact us today to find out how PartyHunter can help your business do more business.

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PartyHunter has done for me, I could not have done on my own. I did not have the contacts or the time to chase bookings, manage my website, build content and manage by brand all at the same time. PartyHunter's partnership is invaluable."

Dj MasterMindz
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was heading in the wrong direction for us. Competition was fierce and we had a difficult time reaching the people that we knew would fit with our brand offering. PartyHunter helped us to cut through the noise and once was started to get that exposure our business turned around."

K. V. Simms | CEO of Marconi Marketing Group
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artist despite their talents often struggle just to get an opportunity to show that talent. I was no different. When I found PartyHunter I found a place where people were actually looking for me. My service and my value was appreciated."

Dj MasterMindz