Account Confirmation

Enter the confirmation code we sent to your Email Address

Enter the confirmation code we sent you. Activation codes expire within the hour. We encourage you to activate as soon as possible. Any attempt to log in before confiming your account will redirect you back to this page.

Account Confirmation Required

Before you log in for the first time you must confirm your account. A account confirmation code was sent to your email address as part of your registration. Please retrieve this code and enter it below.


This is the last step in the account activation process. Enter your confirmation code and your email and that should do it. If you are having difficulty see below for some common errors and the most likely solution.

Confirmation Code

The confirmation code is sometimes called the verification code or the activation code. It is a code sent to your email address to verify that you do have access to the email address you are using.


Enter the email address you used during the registration process. The same email address that the confirmation code was sent to.

Invalid Verification Code

There are several reasons why you might get an Invalid Verification Code error. You may have entered the code incorrectly. If so review your entry and try again. Another reason could be that the confirmation code has expired. These codes expire in a few hours for security reasons. If you suspect that your code has expired you can request a new code to be sent to you.