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The nightclub and nightlife industry in the United States and in Canada is booming. Your choice of events and offers are as limitless as your imagination. Below you will find the latest, hottest, and trendies, venues as well as some of the coolest events happening right now. Some areas like New York City, Miami & Los Angles are really investing in their nightlife industries and are raising the bar for the nightclub entertainment across the board.


Nightclub promoters and event organizers are constantly inventing new and exciting ways to keep us entertained. Everyday new parties and nightlife events are posted and mass marketed to the public. Currently there are posted events that you might be interested in. Here are a few of the events that were recently posted.


The United States has some of the most world reknown nightclubs. The legendary nightlife landmarks are known for their decor and design as well are for the entertainment they provide. The New York City metropolitan areas and other cities in the US have been leading the world in nightlife entertainment. Check out some of the latest hotspots in your city or the city you plan to visit.


The canadian nightlife market is not as robust as those in the US but it holds its own and is activitly grooming young talents. The current trend is Canadian nightlife is towards smaller more nitche markets. Clubs are more intimate and more service oriented. The industry as a whole has been strong and a few mega clubs are popping up around large urban city centers.

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