Guestlist & tickets for CIRQUE SATURDAYS on APRIL 1ST, 2017


431 W 16TH ST. NEW YORK, NY 10011

HOW TO RSVP FOR Cirque saturdays

Getting on the guestlist a.k.a making a reservation for Highline ballroom nightclub is quick and easy three (3) step process. First, choose from available tickets for the cirque saturdays event at Highline ballroom Nightclub on Saturday, April 1st at 11:00 PM. Next, confirm your selectioin. Be sure you have selected the right tickets in the right quantities for you and your invited guests. The third and final step is to add your name and contact information to complete the free RSVP. If you have selected a ticket that is not free then you may be required to pay for your ticket at this step.


Choose from the available tickets for the Cirque saturdays krill was here featuring lordship event at Highline ballroom. Some of the tickets being offered are free ($0.00). These free tickets & free passes may have limitations, read instructions carefully.


Ladies free before 1:00AM. Guys Reduced

FREE $0.00

This free ticket entitles ladies to free admission before 1:00am. Guys with this tickets get reduced admission pricing.


This Highline ballroom event is organized by Partyhunter Kirk 212-222-8911, and all purchases are subject to the Highline ballroom door policy. Tickets may be time sensitive, and may be non-refundable. Contact the event organizers for more information.