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PartyHunter will help you plan your night out from start to finish. Our party planners will assist you with everything from planning a birthday party, bachelorette party, or an awesome night out on the town with friends at the best and most exclusive nightclubs, and we can get it done for the lowest possible price. Getting started is quick and easy. First, find an event you are interested in. Review all discounts and promotional offers as well as dress code and age limit restrictions. Then RSVP and sign up to the guestlist for the event using our online form, and PartyHunter will send you your event ticket as confirmation. Most of our event tickets are free. That's right free and easy is three simple steps that you can do yourself. But, if you prefer to talk to one of our expert party planners, (free service) call or text 212-222-8911.


Be the first to check out some of the newest event postings accross the country. PartyHunter in partnership with promoters, party planners and event organizers have put all the best events together in one place just for you. Find an event in your local area, that play your type of music, with a dresscode that your are comfortable with. You can compare events with the cheapest birthday packages, or vip bottle specials. We make it easy to find the right event for you. Start here, search events by state by type, music, artist, or venue location.


PartyHunter has a lot of events, but it is easy to find the right event for you. There are many ways to get to the event you want, for examaple you can searh for events that start at a certain time on day. example, brunch parties, afterwork parties, day parties, late night parties and after hours parties. We suggest however that you begin your search by limiting your searh to events near you, or to parties happening in your state. From there you can narrow your search to a specific day of the week, such as Friday parties, or Saturday parties, you get the idea. No matter where you start your event search, you'll always end up at the perfect event for you. Find you nightclub event using the links below.

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